How to Use Facebook in Your Local Language in 2023


Facebook is our main mode of communication for the last many years. It connects people around the globe irrespective of the places we live and the languages we use.

The social network allows us to contact other users through wall posts, messages, and phone calls. You can also enhance the texts by adding photos, videos, GIF files, and other attachments to them. Thus the instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram have become our preferred communication methods nowadays.

Facebook is available on any platform having internet connectivity. Smartphone users can use both Facebook and Messenger apps to stay connected with their friends.

Social media is not just for techies. Anyone can use it with a basic knowledge of the internet even though they are not comfortable in English.

Want to use Facebook in your local language?

Today we’ll tell you how to use Facebook in your preferred language.

Use Facebook in your local language

Sign in to your Facebook account first.

Click drop-down arrow icon from the top right corner of your screen.

Choose Settings from it.

Choose Language from the left pane.

It will show the language you presently use on Facebook. Click the drop-down menu to view the list of languages supported by the network.

Choose a language from the list in which you want to use the Facebook account.

Save Changes. Done. All your Facebook settings and tabs will appear in the new language you selected.

change Facebook language

Manage other language-related settings to translate posts made by your friends, pages, and people you follow in the home feed.

That’s it.

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