How to Connect Stripe and Collect Recurring Payments in WordPress

stripe payments

Stripe is a trusted online payment system to send and receive money on websites and apps. It connects marketplaces and buyers in more than 25 countries to process payments in exchange for products or services they delivered. 

The online payment services make it easy for businesses to expand their market and acquire new customers from even unknown parts of the world. Stripe collects payments from customers in over 135 currencies and converts them to 15+ currencies automatically for sellers. 

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System to develop and manage websites, blogs, eCommerce portals, membership sites, etc. Some business types require you to integrate payment solutions in WordPress to accept money in advance.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to connect Stripe and collect one-time or recurring payments in WordPress. 

Why WPForms?


WPForms is our favorite form builder plugin for WordPress. It is an easy to use tool with advanced features to design and customize any kind of form you need. The predefined templates and drag and drop abilities make it a perfect choice for website owners to collect user data and boost business. 

These are the main features of WPForms,

  • Responsive
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Secured, Spam-free
  • File uploads
  • Custom CAPTCHA
  • Contact Forms
  • Payment Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Subscription Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Newsletter Forms
  • Donation Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • Post Submissions
  • Distraction-free form landing pages
  • Conversational Forms add-on
  • Form locker add-on
  • Form Abandonment add-on
  • And much more,
  • Premium customer support
  • 14-days money-back guarantee

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Setting up Recurring Payments in WordPress

paypal payments

If you are running a shopping portal or providing subscription plans, then you may need to collect recurring payments from the parties. Here’s how you can do it. 

Install WPForms on your website first. It offers up to 50% discount on various pricing plans at this time. So this is the best chance to save a huge amount in plugins investment and create unlimited forms to convert your casual visitors to regular customers.

Once it installed and activated on your site, go to the next step. 

A license key is required to unlock full plugin features which you can collect from the WPForms account.

wpforms license

Click ‘View License Key, Details, and Downloads’ link to copy your license key and paste it to the plugin settings. Hit the ‘Verify Key’ button to activate. 



Choose ‘Add New’ option under the WPForms menu to create a form. 

Select a template or create a blank form to design your form from scratch. I opted for a billing/order form to prepare this post. 

It will open a window like this,

WPForms order form


The pre-designed form will have all the required fields that you want to collect data from users. Do you think it misses some important fields? WPForms allows you to add any kind of field to your forms like checkboxes, email, reCAPTCHA, phone number, etc. Just click the desired field from the left side to add it to the main window automatically. 

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Stripe + WPForms = WordPress Payments

Before activating Stripe payments on WPForms, make sure the following things:

  • Your Stripe account is active
  • Your form has a Credit card field
  • Ajax form submission is enabled on the form (Settings > General > Enable Ajax form submission)

Visit the Payments tab from the left menu and click on Stripe to connect. It will verify your credentials on Stripe to integrate and lets you accept payments. 

Stripe payments

Select ‘Enable Stripe payments’ option to turn on the feature. Fill up the description for one-time payments and receipt mode for Stripe payments. 

Stripe Recurring payments

Scroll down to locate the ‘Subscriptions’ section and enable recurring subscription payment options. Set a recurring period for payments as the next. 

WPForms supports following recurring periods on forms,

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-yearly
  • Yearly

Choose your subscription period and save. 

That’s all.

When a user-submitted your form with payments, you will see form entries like this. 


A recurring payment icon will appear next to the total bill to indicate that it will repeat at frequent intervals. 

In short, WPForms is a great tool for WordPress website owners to accept even recurring payments and offer services to anywhere in the world. 

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